State Police Detective Milton Wolner interrogated Melvin Garza about 10 days after Robin Adams disappeared. Although it was overlooked by authorities, Melvin made a critical slip when he told Wolner "After Monday, she wrote me this thing that she was going to court or something with me." Melvin was commenting on the contents of a letter that he wouldn't receive until almost two weeks later, a letter suggesting that Robin had run away. Police suspected a forgery.

A few days after Melvin Garza broke into the house where Robin lived and beat her severely, he called her mother trying to somehow justify the beating. Mrs. Adams secretly recorded the conversation, which included veiled threats that something would happen to Robin if she remained in Caro. The tape recording proved damning evidence when it was played for the jury at Melvin's trial.

When police learned that Melvin's sister, Nora, had confessed her role in Robin's disappearance to her friend Tim Thomas, Thomas was encouraged to cooperate with the murder investigation. Here is the testimony he gave at a preliminary examination, testimony that proved vital to the case. Thomas was unfazed by the aggressive cross-examination by Nora's attorney.

Melvin Garza taunted State Police

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